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Supergroms Update February 2020

We hope you have had a great summer of waves and holiday fun. Here are some dates and times for our SuperGroms 2020 calendar.

• Feb 23rd meet at 9.30am • March 15th meet at 2.30pm • March 22nd meet at 2.30pm • April 19th meet at 11am • April 26th meet at 11am.

As per normal we will be meeting at Crunchy Point car park at Point Leo. Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Also James Easton and Lachy McDonald will be starting up advanced coaching sessions for those that are interested contact James at

Cheers from the SuperGroms Committee

*Note that all these dates are reliant on the surf conditions, and could be cancelled if conditions are not suitable.


Supergroms Update October 2019

Hi all Supergroms and families,

Hope you all have been enjoying the school holidays, and getting heaps of waves. Well it looks like we will be all ago for this coming Sunday the 6th of Oct, meeting at Crunchy Pt at 2.30pm, and try and get a start by 3pm. The forecast is for small off shore waves, which should suit us fine. Looking forward to seeing you all there, and having another great super grom day. Due to having to work on sunday I wont be getting there until after 3.30pm so will need some people to fill the void until I get there.
Reminder too that we will welcome new members, so bring a friend, even if they just want to watch and have a sausage sandwich/Aussie Taco.

Cheers from Skip and the Supergrom Committee.


Supergroms Update March 2019

Hi all Supergroms and families,

Hope you have all had a great summer of waves. So far there have been plenty of days with swell in the bay and a few days of fun beach breaks at Gunna. With the water temperatures being more like what our northern neighbors get, Westernport Bay is warmer than I can ever remember.

The following dates have been booked at Point Leo:
24th March - start around 12.00 pm
31st March - early start around 7.30 am
7th April - start around 10.00 am

As always, dates are reliant on having swell and good conditions and we'll confirm by email closer to the dates either way. Keep an eye on the club website, facebook and instagram for updates too. If we get good feedback, we may organise dates for deeper into April.

Looking forward to seeing you all and remember all new members are welcome.

Cheers, The Supergroms Committee


Supergroms Update October 2018

The club held it's 2nd Supergroms comp for the season at Gunnamatta first car park in great conditions for the groms with 1-2ft clean conditions all day.

We now have another comp booked in for Sunday 11th November and Sunday 25th November (with back-up on 2 Dec). Stay tuned for updates.


Supergroms Contest #1 : Sunday 18th February : Crunchies, Point Leo

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Supergroms Season 2018 Initial Dates

Happy New Year to PSC Supergroms and their families, we are excited to announce the dates for the first half of the 2018 season and look forward to seeing you all back down the beach.

Contest 1 - Sunday Feb 18th
Contest 2 - Sunday Mar 25th

*We will again aim to run 2 comps before the winter break, and an additional 2 comps after the break (Spring time).

More information to come. Thanks to Point Leo Foreshore for the quick turn-around on the permits.


PSC Supergroms Season 2017 Completed

After a tricky run of south easterly winds and small swell the final PSC Supergroms contest for 2017 was completed on Sunday afternoon at Point Leo.

1-3ft waves and light winds allowed the groms to enjoy one last heat for the year and the level of surfing reiterated Skip’s ongoing commentary that we are seeing great improvement in our youngsters.

Special mentions for the day must go to Tilly Pitt for some great backhand manoeuvres, the under 11 Boys division for a tremendously competitive event, Sophie Wilko and Kate Reynolds for their awesome water skills, and finally to Kai Rispin for his best performance yet.

Following the comp all surfers on the day smashed their way through the sausage sizzle before the season’s results were announced and medals/prizes awarded.

View 2017 Supergroms Aggregate Results ›

A huge shout out must go to the following sponsors for stoking the groms out with a bag of goodies each:, Volcom, Rip Curl, Havianas and Palmers Surf Wax.

Thanks also to everyone who supported the year – most importantly Skip and Claire, Pete Lucas and Bec Pancic for their tireless work on comp days.

We will be back early next year, please spread the word, round up email addresses for the mailing list and keep an eye on the club social media and website. Enjoy the Christmas break!


Final Contest and Presentation for 2017 Season

Finally, we look to be in luck - this Sunday, December 10th is looking like a great afternoon for some 1-2ft waves at Crunchies on the incoming tide. Even the weather looks to be cooperating with forecast 25 degree temperature.

The 4th PSC Supergroms contest is scheduled for a 2pm start - meeting at the Crunchies carpark on Sunday afternoon.

We will have a sausage sizzle and presentation afterwards with all competitors from the season receiving a medal, prize pack and Supergroms t-shirt.

*Please note, gate entry will be payable and no dogs are allowed in the reserve. Thanks to Tony for organising a permit extension at late notice!

We look forward to seeing you all at the beach, PSC Supergrom Committee


December 2017

On Saturday last week I told Belinda German that we would run regardless of conditions this coming Sunday ... as it turns out, I lied!

According to the Bureae of Meteorology we are in for a 19 degree day with 15-20kt south easterly winds and 30-50mm of rain. The swell is also going to be quite small.

We apologise for the inconvenience and appreciate that December is a busy period however will have to postpone to December 10th. I will contact Point Leo Foreshore today and see if we can access the park on that day and provide further details as it comes through.

Its been a busy week organising t-shirts, prizes (from Havianas, Volcom, Rip Curl and Palmers!) and trophies so very frustrating that the weather hasn't cooperated. At the very least on the 10th we will have a surf together (somewhere!) and host a presentation afternoon.

Thanks for your patience.

PSC Supergroms Committee


24 November 2017

What a run of weather and waves. Things were shaping up for a great introductory contest at Gunnamatta this Sunday (very small waves, clean conditions) however the weather system has shifted a bit and its now looking like thunderstorms and a change mid-morning.

As such we will postpone to our final date of the season - Sunday, December 3rd. Early forecast suggests a building swell and favourable winds for Westernport Bay. If we have to get creative we will find some waves as required.

Further details to come on Wednesday or Thursday next week regarding this, as well as the season presentation afterwards.


November 2017

With only 1 contest left to run for the 2017 season its looking like we will have to utilise the back-up dates. Unfortunately the weather has shifted into an easterly pattern which as most of you know means terrible conditions at Point Leo (generally small, gutless swells and bad winds).

We have 3 dates set aside so are confident that we will be able to enjoy one more contest before the season is over, with a presentation BBQ afterwards ( including t-shirt collection and trophy/prizes for all competitors ).

Comp 4 : November 26th
Back-up date : December 3rd

Please spread the word amongst members and friends. We will provide an update closer next week regarding the 26th.
Thanks, PSC Supergrom Committee


Comp 3 : Sunday 15th October

We are all systems go for Sunday 15th October - the forecast is calling for a moderate swell with light winds.

The high tide is quite early (8am) so we will be starting at 7.45am. Please meet at the Crunchie Point carpark.

For the older divisions we have Adam Morris (top PSC surfer) coming to take the guys and girls for a surf after their finals. The sausage sizzle will be going as per usual.

**Note, gate fees are payable at Point Leo so please bring some coins.

Look forward to seeing everyone on Sunday morning,
PSC Supergroms Committe.


Comp 3 : Sunday 15th October

We are all systems go for Sunday 15th October - the forecast is calling for a moderate swell with light winds.

The high tide is quite early (8am) so we will be starting at 7.45am. Please meet at the Crunchie Point carpark.

For the older divisions we have Adam Morris (top PSC surfer) coming to take the guys and girls for a surf after their finals. The sausage sizzle will be going as per usual.

**Note, gate fees are payable at Point Leo so please bring some coins.

Look forward to seeing everyone on Sunday morning,
PSC Supergroms Committe.


October 2017 Update

Another long, cold winter is behind us and that means we will be recommencing the Supergrom season ASAP.

We have just received confirmation from Point Leo Foreshore that the below dates have been approved to run our final 2 contests, both Sundays.

Comp 3 : October 15th : 8am start ( backup October 22nd )
Comp 4 : November 14th ( back-up November 19th )
Reserve dates: November 26th and December 3rd

**We will obviously pick the best dates and will provide an update mid-next week after the forecast is updated.

We are looking forward to the next two contests and currently organizing t-shirts, trophies and prizes for the presentation afternoon (again to be held following the final contest).

Feel free to contact Lachy on 0408 362 236 if you have any queries ( or email on ... we will check it regularly until the end of the season )

Spread the word, Cheers Lachy


May 2017 Update

We are again faced with a tricky forecast for this Sunday ( May 7 ) Supergoms Contest. It looks like there should be heaps of surf but SW winds and forecast rain in the morning.

We will meet at Crunchie Point carpark at 7.45am. It is likely we will utilise Treloars across the hightide but please note that the Point Leo Foreshore committee have requested we access from Crunchies due to campers at East Creek.

Our committee will check locations and conditions early and should there be any concern we will send through an email update by 7am sharp to save any inconvenience.

Thanks for working with us, fingers crossed the rain stays away as there should be some very enjoyable waves through the morning for the groms.


April 2017 Update

Again, apologies for such late notice on the postponement of the last comp. Lachy was in the Mentawais for 2 weeks and unfortunately the Eastons had a family emergency which meant Claire had to travel abroad at short notice (and Skip isn't really a computer person!). Thanks to everyone for understanding ... we were probably lucky the conditions weren't very good or we would have been really caught out.

Onto more important matters - Comp 2 has been rescheduled for Sunday May 7th with a back-up date of the 21st. A big thanks to Tony at Pt Leo Foreshore for helping organise some additional dates at short notice.

We will communicate closer to the 7th regarding conditions and start time. Fingers crossed for a good swell and some Autumn sunshine.

**Ideally we will run one more contest before the winter break, and another 2 after with a presentation event in late November. This will obviously be determined by the surf conditions.


1st Contest Season 2017, 11th February, Crunchy Point

A big thanks to all who braved the crummy weather and made the most of our first Supergroms comp, we were stoked with the turn-out and really impressed with the level of surfing in some fun yet challenging conditions at Crunchie Point. A particular shout-out to the under 13 boys who rode a few solid waves around at Sometimes before copping the worst of the tide/sweep on the main break at Crunchies - impressive ocean management skills guys.

Just a quick email to update you - we are only able to use March 26th for our next comp. The Point Leo Foreshore Committee are unable to approve the Labour day weekend as it is a particularly busy period for the park - fair enough.

The next contest is to TBC due to postponement. Stay tuned groms!


February 2017

Meet at 10am at Crunchy Point for registration.

Membership for the Supergroms season is $30 per surfer (or $50 if surfing main PSC contests as well). Membership includes sausage sizzle at each of the four events and trophy and t-shirt at season's end.

**The first PSC contest for the 2017 season is this Saturday at Gunnamatta or Rye Back Beach (unless otherwise notified).

This year we will be re-introducing the Grom division for both boys and girls (13 and under as at 31/12/2017). We strongly encourage any Supergroms who are interested in taking the next step to also attend the PSC contests.

The club runs 7 aggregate events each season with top 5 results counting. Surfers need to register by 10am at the beach and if anyone needs further information they can contact me directly on 0408362236 on or before Saturday (Lachy).

This weekend is forecast to be 2-3ft on Saturday on the open beach breaks and light onshore. Parents are allowed to provide water safety during the event. We will find the best conditions for the groms as early as possible and if conditions are unfavorable for the Grom division at any of the PSC events we will look to move to a more suitable location.

Thanks and see you all on Sunday (or Saturday),
PSC Supergrom Committee


January 2017

We have submitted our proposed dates to the Point Leo Foreshore Committee today for approval. Just so everyone is aware (however these are pending approval) ...
Comp 1: Sunday February 12th
Comp 2: Sunday March 12th
Back-up date: Sunday March 26th
We will again aim to run 2 contests before the winter break and 2 after the winter break. Fingers crossed for some playful swells to align with our comp dates. Download the 2017 Supergroms Membership Form

December 2016

Many thanks to all who surfed, and to the parents who helped out throughout the year. We had a great run of surf in the end (despite some challenges pre-Easter!!), and everyone seemed pretty stoked with the program.

Thanks again to Volcom, Rip Curl, Palmers and Oakley for contributing prizes for the presentation event and supporting junior surfing on the Mornington Peninsula.

We will work with the Point Leo Foreshore Committee to organise some dates starting in February 2017 for our next season.

About Supergroms
Divisions include U/9, U/11, U/13, U/15, for boys and girls. Events are held inside Western Port at Point Leo and Shoreham.

Season 2017 will begin late Jan / early Feb stay stay in tune for updates.